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Talbot Heating is a well established firm operating mainly in the North West of England. We have over 30 years of experience in the gas and plumbing trade. The business is run from our narrowboat home whilst cruising the canal system.

We are GasSafe registered for Domestic and Commercial Gas, Boats, Warm Air, Commercial Catering and LPG. This combination of registration is pretty rare and ensures that all rules and regulations are followed in order to comply with insurance requirements and most importantly to ensure safety of yourselves and your customers.

Mark Talbot is a qualified ACS (Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme) assessor. He teaches and assesses gas engineers who are either gaining their qualifications for the first time or a returning for their competency assessments every 5 years. He is well respected within the gas engineer community and is contacted by his professional colleagues for advice frequently. Mark also works with trainee gas engineers as an on-site supervisor whilst they are building their portfolios.


Honey Badger Boat
c/o Adams Self Store


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Phone: 0797 3821168